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Our home in Chesapeake

You're looking at our house in Chesapeake. Click on any of the photos to see a slide show.

There are several photos still missing - like the front and rear of the house - I'll get them added when the weather turns warmer and the grass is green.

Partial view of the back yard, looking onto the golf course
Looking into the dining room, to the right of the main entrance.
Another view of the formal dining room.
Looking into the family room, towards the back yourd, viewed from the aquarium alcove.
Another view of the family room - viewed from the kitchen.
looking into the family room, towards the kitchen, from the bedroom hallway.
John, with Brian's dog - a 'fixture' in the house.
looking into the kitchen area, with the stairs to the FROG visible to the right.
Another view of the kitchen, looking towards the family room.
A view of the kitchen area.
A bright, sunny view of the eating area.
Looking into the master bathroom from the master bedroom.
Viewing the tub in the master bathroom.
One of the guest bedrooms.
Another view of the guest bedroom.
looking into the bathroom area from the family room. There's actually two rooms here, with the first one being the vanity.
looking into the vanity section from the guest room.
The alcove off the family room - with the aquarium to the side.
The aquarium - showing too much 'green'.  The aquarium is crystal clear.
Another view of the aquarium - not a great shot.

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